• tub of crème fraîche on grey background

    Crème Fraîche 320g

    £0.50 Packback Reward

    Twice as rich and twice as thick as soured cream, made on the family farm in Haddington.

  • fen farm butter on white paper and black background

    Fen Farm Butter 200g

    A raw milk butter made by Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore in the heart of Suffolk. Made using the milk warm from milking and grass-fed cows are an ancient breed, Montbeliarde, handpicked by Jonny from small farms in the Jura region of France.


    Our Bungay Raw Butter is the UK’s only raw farmhouse butter produced by using a lactic culture. It comes hand wrapped in gold paper and packed in its own beautiful wooden box. It is made by hand on the farm in the traditional way, by souring the cream using a cocktail of lactic bacteria, before churning and hand-paddling with traditional scotch ‘butter hands’ made from wood. It is the closest thing to the original Suffolk butter.

  • tub of set soured cream

    Set Soured Cream 320g

    £0.50 Packback Reward

    Set soured cream is great on chilli and nachos for a special treat

  • milk bottle on white background

    Whole Milk 1L

    £1 Packback Reward

    Kedar whole milk comes from our herd of pedigree Brown Swiss cows. The milk is gently pasteurised to retain the unique flavour that comes from the Brown Swiss milk. It is non-homogenised, which means that the cream floats to the top.

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