• two lemon sole fillets fish on ice on black marble background two lemon sole fillets on ice and black marble background packed lemon sole fillets on black marble background
    Sold By: JK Thomson

    Lemon Sole – 2 Fillets (approx. 300g)

    Sold By: JK Thomson

    A member of the plaice family, Lemon Sole has a sweet, delicate flesh that pairs particularly well with creamy and white wine sauces. Our skinless fillets make for a perfect seafood supper for two and, as they are high in protein and low in fat, are a great option for a healthy midweek meal. We recommend baking the fillet in foil with a little lemon juice at about 200 degrees.


    The fish is hand-cut and packed per order prior to delivery. The final weight varies between 250g-300g.

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