• pork fillet on white background

    Pork Fillet approx 420g (each)

    £0.25 Packback Reward

    Pork Fillet also known as pork tenderloin is a splendid cut of super-lean muscle from under the backbone. Preferred by many as it is tender and quick to cook. 100% Specially Selected Scottish Pork

  • Pork fillet on a white marble table and brown paper

    Pork Fillet approx 500g – Free Range

    £0.25 Packback Reward

    Pork fillet also known as tenderloin is the eye fillet that comes from within the loin. It’s a lazy muscle and as such is lean and very tender, but with less flavour than other cuts such as leg or shoulder. Neverthless it’s very quick to cook, cut from our whole, free range pigs and are trimmed of silver-skin. Meltingly tender they can be used in a variety of dishes. Our free range pork is sourced from trusted local farms around the Scottish Borders, who keep their livestock to the highest welfare standards.

  • Pork loin steaks on a chopping board ready to be packed in paper

    Pork Loin Steaks (3/pk)

    £0.25 Packback Reward

    Pork Loin steaks are hand cut from our whole free-range loins for added convenience. Great texture with a fantastic pork flavour, these steaks will remind you of how pork used to taste! Roast pork with apples is always a winning combination or even grilled alongside your favourite veggies. Try it with relish, crisp potatoes and a few green leaves.

  • pork tbone chops on paper

    Pork T Bone Chops (2/pk) – Free Range

    £0.25 Packback Reward

    Pork Chops are cut from whole double loins of free range pork – beautifully flavoursome and tender. Cut as a pork ‘T-Bone’ our chops include both the loin and fillet and come from local farms in the Scottish Borders. Why not throw your meat and veg into a pan with Italian-style flavourings and simply roast, for a no-fuss dinner alongside baked fennel and potatoes.

  • one piece of Scottish pork chop with salt on wood table

    Scottish Pork Chops (2/pack)

    £0.25 Packback Reward

    Juicy, delicious and easy to cook pork chops. Ideal for a tasty dinner, pan-fried and finished with a slow cook in the oven.

  • two Scottish pork entrecote steaks on wood board

    Scottish Pork Entrecote Steak (2/pack)

    £0.25 Packback Reward

    Tender Scottish boneless pork perfect for grilling or oven. Perfect for the entire family, absolutely delicious and easy to cook. 100% Specially Selected Scottish Pork.

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