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Shaws Fine Meats

Shaws Fine Meats

Founded in 1828, Shaws Fine Meats are award-winning family butchers supplying the finest locally sourced Scottish Borders produce. Based in the Market
Town of Lauder in the Scottish Borders, owned and managed by father and son George & Andrew Deans.

We personally oversee the selection and slaughter of our livestock, procuring cattle and sheep from a small number of trusted farms in the Scottish Borders and Lothians –
directly from farmers and through our local auction markets. Our pork is selected from free range accredited farms in the Scottish Borders. Working closely with our farmers
gives us a consistent product which is fully traceable back to the farm.

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10 reviews for Shaws Fine Meats

  1. Their whole chicken is absolutely fantastic, one of the tastiest I've ever had and makes a fantastic stock! At £8:50 it's an absolute steal. Have also had their bacon, sausages, and mince, all of which were excellent quality.
  2. Nothing but praise, the quality of the meat is just great. Tried the brisket which I loved and the pork loin steaks. Will definitely keep ordering as the taste is so much better than the supermarket meat
  3. Have ordered meat from here several times already. Very pleased with the chicken, probably the best chicken I've been able to buy anywhere before - very juicy. The sausages were delicious as well, can highly recommend. We are looking forward to trying more flavours of the pork sausages on our next delivery and will definitely continue ordering chicken from here, instead of shop bought chicken.
  4. Really happy with the meat I got. Very fresh and quick to cook. Absolutely delicious
  5. I was very unhappy with the brisket, lamb and lorne sausage due to a very high fat content within all the meats. Far too much fat, gristle and sinew. In fact I lost nearly a quarter of the lamb before it was fit to be in my lancashire hotpot. The chicken breasts were however beautiful. So perhaps it depends on your own taste. I did send this feedback to Tasteback so that the producer got chance to do something about it before I published my feedback on here but they told me to go ahead. "The meat was obviously suitable for consumption!" Will definitely think twice about ordering meat in future.
  6. First purchase from them - had the beef steak & spring onion burgers. I don't often eat burgers so perhaps am not a great 'authority' on them but I do know my food and these burgers are really, really good. I'd definitely order them again & plan on trying their other products too.
  7. Chicken breast was great, good quality
  8. Very tasty, thank you
  9. Best burger I ever got from a butcher.
  10. Top quality, very nice texture

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