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  • Fresh Mozzarella 100g

    Our mozzarella defies the odds by being both soft and creamy at the same time, in other words, a perfect mozzarella. We only use natural ingredients in its production, vegetarian rennet and Himalayan red rock salt. No artificial colourings or preservatives are used.

  • Smoked Mozzarella 100g

    The smoked mozzarella is rich and creamy with the unique flavour which comes from the milk of our Brown Swiss cows. It is gently smoked over apple wood. Great on oat cake or in a pasta dish.

  • Whole Milk 1L

    Kedar whole milk comes from our herd of organic Brown Swiss cows. The milk is gently pasteurised to retain the unique flavour that comes from the Brown Swiss milk. It is non-homogenised, which means that the cream floats to the top.

7 reviews for The Kedar Cheese Company

  1. Milk and smoked mozzarella just absolutely fabulous
  2. Kedar Cheese make awesome products. I used to frequent their stall at the Farmers' Market so I'm really delighted they're selling on Tasteback now. The mozzarella is to die for - especially the smoked variety - and the milk is wonderful. I highly, highly recommend these guys, you will not be disappointed! :-)
  3. Mozzarella was lovely. Thank you
  4. Milk was very tasty 👍
  5. The smoked mozzarella was fabulous, great on pasta
  6. excellent mozzarella
  7. Got my milk over the weekend, really good quality I can't wait to try the mozzarella too 😋

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