• Campaillette 300g

    Freshly baked Campaillette baguette is absolutely delicious used in a sandwich or with butter

  • Country Round Bread 500g

    Delicious artisan-style loaf perfect for everyday meals



  • Flute 500g

    Great for sandwiches or dipping in houmous, tear and share and smeared with butter. Alternatively, it’s delicious with pieces of cheese.

  • French Baguette 350g

    You don’t need to travel to France to enjoy a tasty baguette, these are delicious served warm so pop them for a couple of minutes in the oven and smothered them in butter.

  • Handmade Organic Foccacio bread

    Focaccia is such a delicious Italian treat that is fluffy, airy and so perfect for sandwiches or just lathered in olive oil. My focaccia made with organic bread flour, instant yeast, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Decorated with rosemary or olives and rosemary combination.

    You will get 15cm x 20cm square piece foccaccio. The next day you can slice it open and toast to make some fantastic sandwiches for yourself or loved ones.

  • Handmade Organic Sourdough Bread 750g

    You will receive 750gr freshly made organic sourdough bread. The bread will be made with my organic sourdough starter, organic white bread flour, salt and water over 24 hours process.

    Sourdough bread is naturally produced bread. There is no additive in it. The crust is thick and inside of the bread is soft and with holes because of long process of dough improvement.

    The pattern on the top of the bread might differ than the pictures shows on this product.

    Due to processing timeline this product available to order until Thursday noon time.

  • Handmade Turkish Pide/Flat bread

    Pide is a traditional soft leavened Turkish bread.


    Round and rather flat in form, and having a weave-like patterned crust, Pide is made of wheat flour with yeast, and topped with sesame and nigella seeds.

  • White Petit Pain (2 per pack)

    White petit pain rolls with a crisp crust and soft centre, made with French flour. Ready to be enjoyed!

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