• Border Tablet Ice Cream

    A 16oz (450ml) tub of our decadent, wonderfully creamy tablet ice cream. Unlike many tablet flavour ice creams, ours is not just another vanilla with added tablet chunks but is made with our tablet in the base ice cream (there is a generous amount of chunks in there too!) creating a rich, smooth and delicious treat. About the same size as a tub of Ben & Jerrys.

  • Nutella & Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

    After a long hard summer of taste testing (someone had to do it!) we have produced for you the richest, most decadent and full on chocolate ice cream possible. A delicious silky smooth ice cream and very indulgent its impossible just to have one scoop, or two, or three……… Why not try it with some extra chopped hazelnuts on top or combine with a spoonful of tablet from one of our tablet crumb pots for an extra special treat!

Deliveries to EH1 – EH22

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 Two-hour slots for £2
 Minimum spend £20
Order anytime by Friday noon
 Delivery every Saturday & Sunday

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