• Cannon of Lamb (1/pk)

    Pure loin of lamb, no bones or waste. They are great roasted whole or cut into individual portions. Easy to cook, try it coated in a fresh rosemary and mustard marinade, roasted and served with roasted vegetables. Our lamb comes from trusted local farms in the Scottish Borders and matured for 7 days to ensure the greatest tenderness and concentration of flavour.

  • Diced Lamb Shoulder ~250g

    Lamb shoulder diced meat is traditionally your perfect lamb meat for casseroles, hotpots and stews. It has more fat than diced leg of lamb so adds more in-depth flavour to your long-cooked dishes. The meat comes from trusted farms in the Scottish Borders and our Texel and Texel-Cross lambs are raised naturally amongst fields.

  • Diced Leg Lamb ~250g

    Diced Lamb is cut from our lamb legs and is trimmed of excess fat, ensuring the greatest tenderness and flavour. Lean meat, slow cook in casseroles or tagines for a filling dish, or try them in curries or stews. Sourced from farms in the Scottish Borders, lambs are raised naturally amongst fields of Scottish heather making for some truly flavoursome lamb.

  • Double Loin Lamb Chops (2/pk)

    Cut from the same loins as our lamb racks, double loin chops are cut on the bone and contain both the loin and fillet. Fantastic baked in the oven, fried or grilled. Our lamb is sourced from trusted local farms in the Scottish Borders and matured for 7 days to ensure the greatest tenderness and concentration of flavour.


    We recommend 2 chops per person

  • Lamb Leg Steak (2/pk)

    Boneless steaks cut from whole succulent legs of local lamb, also known as gigot steaks. Lamb steaks take minutes to grill and are just as nice as any beef steak. Serve with rosemary butter, grilled broccoli and some simple boiled potatoes. The meat is perfect for pan frying or grilling whole. They are also great sliced into strips for stir frying. Lamb is sourced from trusted farms from the Scottish Borders.

  • Lamb Noisettes (6/pk)

    Full of flavour, noisettes are the leanest lamb cut.  They are individual portions cut from our whole lamb loins. Great for a quick mid-week supper, simply pan fried. The lamb is sourced from local farms close to us in the Scottish Borders.

  • Lamb Rumps ~200g

    Lamb Rump seems to be an underrated cut, but it’s a versatile and tasty meat choice with the layer of fat across the top seriously adding to its flavour. Roast, fry, grill, barbecue it or cut it into smaller portions for kebabs. Tender and flavoursome – it works any which way. Serve with potatoes. Lambs are sourced from the Scottish Borders and are free-range.

  • Minced Lamb ~450g

    We only use off-cuts from our lamb steaks and roasts for our minced lamb, free from excess fat and guaranteeing the best quality. From meatballs to shepherd’s pie, our minced lamb is a great choice for quick suppers or classic comfort food. The lamb is sourced from local farms in the Scottish Borders.

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