• Chicken Balmoral (2/pk) – Free Range

    Our best chicken breasts hand trimmed and stuffed with our award winning haggis and wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. Each chicken balmoral weighs approximately 275g.

  • Chicken Breasts (2/pk) – Free Range

    Free-range chicken breasts that come from trusted British farmers. We believe a natural habitat makes these chickens taste even better, so you get 100% chicken.

  • Chicken Drumsticks (8/pk) – Free Range

    Delicious chicken drumsticks that everyone will love. A great idea is to mix together chilli sauce, ginger and lime zest. Pour over the chicken drumsticks and leave to marinate for as long as you can. Place the drumsticks in a baking tray, and roast for 20 mins. Super delicious meal without any effort. We work with trusted British farmers to source all of our poultry so you can enjoy 100% chicken with no added water.

  • Chicken Fillets Diced ~400g – Free Range

    We source the poultry from British farmers where the birds are free to roam expressing their natural behaviour. This ensures that the poultry have the highest welfare standards. Diced chicken is versatile, can easily be cooked in one-pots, curries, stir-fries and more.

  • Chicken Fillets Strips ~400g – Free Range

    Chicken strips are great for a super easy meal as they cook fairly quickly. Fry them in a pan and serve with carrot salad, tomato sauce and a baked potato. The chicken is outdoor reared from British farmers so they raise their poultry to the highest welfare standards.

  • Chicken Supremes (2/pk) – Free Range

    Chicken supremes are supplied with the skin on and wing bone french trimmed. The chicken is supplied by a small number of trusted British farmers who raise their poultry to the highest welfare standards. 100% chicken with no added water. Enjoy it with mashed potato and steamed green veggies. It makes an easy midweek meal.

  • Chicken Wings ~1kg – Free Range

    Who doesn’t love chicken wings? Brilliant when roasted as they get a distinctive crunch. Mix your favourite chutney and lime zest to make the marinade, pour all over and you’ll get some delicious sticky chicken wings. Serve with red chilli slices and coriander, they’re the perfect help-yourself starter

  • Whole Chicken ~1.6kg – Free Range

    Our whole chickens come from trusted British farmers in the South of Scotland and North of England who raise their poultry outdoors to the highest welfare standards. Ideal to make a really easy roast chicken with whole garlic, bay & white wine. You can also cook it low and slow to ensure you get wonderfully tender, juicy chicken. Our whole chickens weigh approximately 1.6kg.

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