• Absolutely Almond

    100% Californian almonds, slow roasted and ground with a touch of sea salt. No added sugar, no palm oil

  • Almond Espresso (150g)

    A lively blend of almonds, ground coffee, agave syrup and a touch of sea salt.

    A smooth nut butter with a caffeine kick! Perfect in your morning protein shake, spread on a hot croissant or toast and delicious stuffed inside a date.

  • Chai Spiced Almond (150g)

    Smooth, creamy almond butter with a hint of chai spices.

    A savoury nut butter which is great on a cracker or oatcake and fantastic swirled through stir fries or used as a marinade. Equally tasty slathered on a slice of homemade banana loaf and so so good with medjool dates.

  • Cookie Dough Cashew (150g)

    A delicious blend of cashews, cinnamon and maple syrup.

    Great for spreading on toast, bagels and croissants or slathering on slices of apple. Perfect in porridge. Suitable for vegans

  • Crunchy ABC Mix (150g)

    A delicious and crunchy blend of almonds, brazil nuts and cashews with a touch of sea salt.

  • Hazelnut & Cacao (150g)

    A healthy alternative to Nutella, this nut butter is a delicious blend of hazelnuts, macadamias and cacao, naturally sweetened with agave.

    Lovely on toast with a banana, stirred into porridge, added to smoothies or you can even make hot chocolate with it. Suitable for vegans

  • Maple Pecan (150g)

    A sumptuous fusion of pecans, almonds and maple syrup.

    This is a beautifully smooth nut butter which is perfect spread on a bagel, stirred through porridge or served with fruit and yoghurt. Suitable for vegans.

  • Positively Peanut

    100% Peanut, slow roasted and ground with a touch of sea salt.

  • Royal Raspberry (150g)

    A smooth blend of raspberry & almond with tangy bites of freeze dried raspberry, naturally sweetened with agave. Delicious in smoothies, muesli, with yoghurt bowls, fruit or fantastic as a decadent treat spread on a piece of chocolate. Suitable for vegans

  • Smooth ABC Mix (150g)

    A smooth blend of almonds, brazil nuts and cashews with a pinch of sea salt. This nut butter is nutrient dense and incredibly versatile. Spread it on toast, drizzle on porridge, add to smoothies or even bake with it. Suitable for vegans

  • Taster Pack (4x40g)

    Pack of 4 x 40g jars of Hungry Squirrel nut butters

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