• Carrots 1kg

    Firm, well-formed carrots, with a good orange colour. Smaller carrots tend to be sweeter and more tender. They can be eaten raw as snacks, or cooked and used in savoury and some sweet dishes, such as carrot cake or muffins. Sizes may vary

  • Celeriac (1kg)

    Such a great root vegetable, it has a distinct earthy taste. Its flavor is similar to that of a turnip, but it also has a hint of celery-like freshness. Cooking the veggie brings out its sweetness. May be used raw or cooked.

  • Parsnip (each)

    Parsnips have a complex taste. Similar to carrots, they’re sweet, but they contain more starch and have an earthier, nutty taste. Versatile, they go well in salads, you can roast them or bake, broil, mash them, or even puree them into a soup. May vary in size

  • Radish – Cambridgeshire (150g pack)

    When eaten raw, radishes are spicy, crisp, and zesty. Cooking brings out the sweetness and milds the spice. Add them to salads, marinated in vinaigrette, or eaten as a snack with a sprinkling of celery salt all great ways to enjoy. 

    Sizes may vary

  • Scottish Turnip ~2kg

    Turnips are a mild, pungent tasting vegetable with a slightly bitter and spicy undertone. Perfectly delicious in a gratin, stew or mashed. It may vary in size.

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